Strategic Planning
To create the Direction, Priorities and Goals

A strategic plan, created through considerable systematic thought and stakeholder discussion, encapsulated simply on one page, will improve business performance.  But developing this plan takes strong conviction, experience, and strategic skills.


The process of creating a business plan can create value for a leadership team if it helps the team to answer critical strategic questions concisely, articulate a balanced set of goals that will create shareholder value, and delineate milestones (product, financial, other) that can be used to measure progress.  The strategic plan may create further value if it backs up the leadership team’s credibility and the quality of the market opportunity such that the company can raise financing.


Most importantly, a succinct plan allows the founder or executive team to create focus, and improve performance.  We are a management consulting company with considerable strategy and planning skills and many successes.


"I assembled my people from all over North America, for a business planning session at a critical time. I had high expectations going into it and Larry’s facilitation and planning skills exceeded my expectations.”   Company President

Market Assessment
Focus on best Market and Product position to enable growth

Understanding the market opportunity is critical to determining how to maximize your return.

However, it takes patience and discipline to conduct an objective market assessment that is highly predictive of your potential market success.  A market assessment is a critical foundation piece in order to focus your business, product and service development, and to understand the potential returns and best actions.


A well-executed market assessment develops an accurate picture of the current market, the market forces that are shaping the market, and the future implications of these forces.  This assessment is then compared to your current or intended position in the market and conclusions are drawn relative to your likely success.  The next step is to assess whether your success could be improved by revising some element of your services or products to improve your market position.  You can assess market needs, your prospective products and services, and likely returns without wasting valuable resources on poorly-directed R&D, marketing, or sales.  Accordingly, a market assessment and the resulting marketing strategy is one of the best investments you can make.


When conducting a market assessment, we work with you to outline key questions that are critical to your market strategy and your product and service focus.  Then we acquire objective data, to help answer these questions.  We project the likely results you will experience based on your product strategy and the market.  Finally, we work with you to develop a revised marketing approach based on your go-forward objectives.  We have worked successfully with clients in Kelowna, the Okanagan, across B.C. and internationally to peform market assessments.


"As a Board we now have a good foundation piece (market assessment) to help us understand and determine future direction as well as a nice roadmap. You have demonstrated an understanding of our business and support your recommendations with reliable research." Board Director

Sales, Marketing and Distribution
To accelerate growth

Could you reliably generate more cash just by improving your sales and marketing activities?  Often our conclusion is that companies are not maximizing the cash from sales and marketing and they need to improve this in order to ensure their growth and demonstrate their value.


We understand what it takes to grow revenue, increase profitability and generate cash because we have done this successfully in many companies, each with different challenges and opportunities.  We develop an understanding of the market and your current marketing and sales activities.  We identify the highest value sales and marketing improvements, and prepare you to successfully implement them.  We determine whether technology or distribution partners can increase your sales.   We assess whether you are confident that you will successfully achieve your goals or whether there are various factors that are inextricably holding you back.  We outline target results that we believe are reachable, and provide sales consulting so that you attain these results.  We mentor and oversee the sales and marketing improvements until you achieve the target results.


"Under Larry's leadership and guidance, we were able to triple our client base and entered and established ourselves in new markets like Ontario and the US.    Company President


Larry’s advice was also pivotal in helping us negotiate a couple of key distribution agreements. I feel confident that I couldn't have gotten better, more well-rounded advice on these agreements from any group of professionals." Company CEO



Leadership and Team Building
Developing Capacity for Growth

Great leaders put emphasis on building high-performance teams that are capable of delivering excellent results.   This includes conscious decisions and actions to determine that you have the right people in the right seats, they are performing to their abilities, that they act as a team and enhance each other and the culture of the company, and they are accountable both individually and as part of a team. 


In the growth and development stages, you will likely focus on building your team through adding and developing people, and team building. As your business and team matures, you will then need to focus on other issues such as whether you have the people and skills for your next phase of growth, and developing succession plans to ensure healthy change.  We provide the human resource and team building consulting to help you accelerate growth.



Interim CEO
Leading through critical growth phases
Company Divestiture
Gaining the value that you built through growth

Organizations often turn to an interim CEO in order to lead the company through a key transition.  The transition may involve leadership succession, sale of the company, acquisition of a new company, re-financing, or possibly some crisis or other key event.


The right interim CEO can provide direction, focus, and ensure a high degree of integrity in all of the company’s dealings and focus on building the company for the benefit of all the stakeholders. 


The role of an interim CEO includes being visible and accessible to all stakeholders and so we focus on working with companies in the Okanagan and Kelowna where we can have a visible presence. 


"Teamwork is your strength and was very much valued by all.  We appreciate the hardwork, focus and discipline you introduced as our interim COO." Board Director


Your vision should include how company shareholders will achieve their objectives, including capital growth and exit. Being clear on this aligns all of the shareholders, as well as aligning the business strategy with the exit strategy.


We can provide advice regarding the best strategies for maximizing shareholder value and build them into your strategic plan. We have significant experience with mergers, acquisitions and divestitures and provide valuable merger, acquisition and divestiture consulting services.


If your goal is to sell your company we assess your options and the right time to sell your company.  Further, we can manage the sale process for you to maximize shareholder value. We provide value by grooming the company for sale at the right point, preparing the company, eliminating potential issues, developing the right presentation and information packages, sourcing potential acquirers, developing and executing an advantageous vending process, and leading the negotiations to maximize shareholder value.